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3 Franchise Investment Options:
Which One Is Right for You?

Want to own a franchise and manage everything? You can do that. Want to own a franchise but don’t want to be there all the time? You can do that too. Want to own a franchise and just hire people to run it while you do something else, like vacation to Spain because you feel like it? You can absolutely do that.

A franchise gives you the freedom to run it the way you want. It also gives you the freedom to invest in it any way you want. You can fund a franchise using multiple sources of capital, such as your 401(k), Roth IRA, SBA funding, among many other options. Read on below to find out which franchise investment option is right for you.

If you want the freedom, revenue, and fulfillment that comes from investing in a franchise,
you can get started with any of the 3 franchise investment options below.

So What Type of Franchise Owner
Will You Be?

If you don’t know yet, don’t sweat it. There’s plenty of time to figure it out. For now, we’d just like to get to know you. You can take this quick 5-10 minute quiz that reveals exactly what type of franchise owner you are, and what type of franchises you’re best suited to own and operate. It’s your “business profile.”

After you take the quiz, we’ll get to work finding the top franchises that match your profile specifically. Best of all, our services are completely free. From finding franchises for you to helping you close the deal.

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