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July 1, 2018
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Why the “Spot On” Business Builder Profile by Zoracle is important to both Franchisor and Franchisee.

Learning about a franchisor’s training programs beforehand helps every potential franchisee to answer one of the most important questions they will ask themselves: “Can I really do this?”

With the proper training and support, they absolutely can. We recently spoke to Rebecca Monet, President and Chief Scientist of Zoracle Profiles, a psychometric assessment company that helps franchisors select the right franchisees by determining their compatibility and predicting their performance. Through their SpotOn! analysis, Zoracle Profiles assesses a franchisor’s current franchisees, separating them into top performers, mid performers, and low performers, using markers provided by the franchisor based on market share, profitability, revenue, and many other attributes. Zoracle Profiles’ psychographic assessment draws corollaries between those markers to find out why certain franchisees are so successful, and it provides a gap analysis which highlights areas where additional training or support is necessary for lesser performers.

Zoracle Profiles’ gap analysis demonstrates how other franchisees, including brand new franchisees, compare to a franchisor’s top players. A franchisee’s training and support is still performed by the franchisor, but the analysis shows the franchisor exactly where there is room for improvement within their training and support structure, allowing them to provide customized training for each franchisee.

Why customized training is so important

“The most useful training is the training that is customized to the franchisee. One-size-fits-all only creates mediocrity,” according to Monet. She suggests taking a closer look at the franchisee, measuring areas where they are strong and exploiting the areas where they are weak to customize training in such a way that it increases that franchisee’s competency.

It can be a struggle to ensure that a franchisee’s employees are adequately trained, in large part due to the laws in which franchisors must abide. They have the right to train franchise owners, but training lower-level employees can potentially raise issues that the franchisor may not be willing to address. As Monet stated, “I’m a believer that we should be lifelong learners and we never stop evolving and growing. Education is power, bottom line. Knowledge is power.”

For this reason, she feels that thorough and customized franchisee training is absolutely vital. Education empowers the franchisee, it builds greater confidence, and facilitates their continued success. It also ensures their ability to train their own employees in a manner that upholds the standards of the franchisor’s brand. Training needs to involve everything from the business model, the brand, the systems, growing market share, and how the complete package works together.

It’s equally important that franchisees understand a franchisor’s training and support system before taking the leap of buying a franchise. Monet told us, “I think the number one question every franchisee or prospective franchisee is asking before they can go into a business is: Do I have what it takes?” The desire to know what you’re getting into is inherently human; we ask ourselves that same question throughout many aspects of our day-to-day lives.

Monet stepped into every potential franchisee’s shoes for a moment when she said, “If I know a franchisor has solid training that I can understand, that I can replicate, then I feel confident that I have what it takes to be a good business owner.” Until a franchisor has instilled a confidence that says “Yes, you can do this, and this is how,” franchisees will frequently decline a concept simply because they remain unsure.

The second question a franchisee will ask of themselves is this: I have what it takes, but where am I a good fit? Zoracle Profiles can answer that question through an assessment and detailed report, and so can solid training. Nothing is more important than thorough, customized training that makes a franchisee say, “You know what? I CAN do that!”

About Zoracle Profiles
Founded by Rebecca Monet in April 2012, and located in Encinitas, California, Zoracle Profiles provides in-depth insight into franchisee-franchisor harmony. Monet has been in the business of psychometric assessment and franchise consulting for 23 years, gaining notoriety for her ability to find correlations in franchisee performance. For more information about Zoracle Profiles, visit their website

About Franchise Solutions USA
Having devised the simple 3 step approach to franchise selection, namely Define, Identify and Implement, the Zoracle Business Builder Profile is one of the most important tools in helping a prospective franchisee find the franchisor that best matches their business skills and abilities. Franchise Solutions USA believes strongly in the fact that it is less about finding the right franchise, but rather finding the right fit for you.

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